Resistance Bands

Fabric (mini bands)

Get your fabric resistance bands here on Amazon:

*Fabric mini bands to help glute strength and overall lower body development

Latex (mini bands)

Bands on Amazon:

*Latex mini bands to help improve strength and stability


Pull Up Assistance Bands (long rubber bands)

Pull-Up Bands Link:

*These bands can be used for a huge variety of exercises targeting major muscle groups or other accessory movements. If you really want to improve your pull-ups then this is a great set for you to master your pull-up strength.

Tubed Handle Bands


*These bands can target all major muscle groups and are great for isolating smaller muscle groups like the biceps and triceps. Different resistance levels will test your strength and build lean muscle tissue. These bands are excellent way to challenge your muscles because they do a great job of keeping constant tension which is the key factor in muscle breakdown and growth.



Therabands Link:

*These latex thin bands are great therapy bands to strengthen shoulders and isolate other muscle groups. I use these bands all the time for shoulder warm ups but they can get used for rehabilitation by helping target areas where weakness or injury occurs.