Recovery Tools


TriggerPoint Roller on Amazon:

Firm / Dense Roller:

Get your stick roller...You will be glad you did!

*This roller is so helpful for runners and those experiencing shin splints caused from tight calves. This can also be used for hamstrings and quads


Massage Ball & Trigger Point Therapy Tools:

HyperIce Massage Ball:

*Helps release tension in tissues and increase blood flow where the ball is applied. Great for pre-workouts and can be taken on the go.

Massage Gun on Amazon:

Massage Ball Set:

*Used to release tension in tense areas. Each tool can pinpoint different areas of the body and can help push blood flow which well help with recovery and get you back to your workouts in no time.

Massage Ball AcuPoint:

Trigger Point Hook Cane:

Psoas Release

BodyWedge Psoas Release Tool:

*Release your psoas and alleviate back pain. Your psoas muscle is the prime mover of your hip (connects from hip to lumbar spine) and it goes through A LOT of contraction.....a lot as in every time you stay in a seated position.