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Suspension Trainer


The Suspension Trainer Program is for anyone who is trying to improve their strength throughout the entire body with little amount of equipment. You do not need to go to the gym for this one (unless you don't have a suspension trainer of your own). Suspension Trainers or TRX bodyweight straps are very affordable to buy and are at nearly all gyms. You can set these up pretty much anywhere: doorway, tree branches, fences, light posts etc. With such a versatile and effective piece of equipment you can take your workouts anywhere! Course Includes: 1) Exercise Plan Monday - Sunday Schedule 2) Dynamic Warm-up (pre-workout) Variety of exercises to improve mobility 3) Exercise Demonstration videos by me Compound moves to improve overall strength **Sign in through the app "Fit by Wix" to follow programs on your phone. Click on the link below "Go to the app" (Invite Code: FR4TJK) LET'S GO TRAIN!

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